Fools Mission is a consciousness-raising ministry of supportive companionship and hope.

Since 2012, Fools Mission has embraced the Way of the Fool—the archetypal trickster figure with the freedom to speak truth to power, who disrupts rigid or decaying cultures through art, humor, and radical compassion.

The Fools Mission Community at our 2014 Holiday Party

The Fools Mission community at our 2014 Holiday Party

Fools Mission deliberately builds solidarity, friendship, and community among people from all walks of life, including all levels of access to wealth and privilege. Through witness, accompaniment, advocacy, education and the arts, Fools Mission cultivates empathy and friendship across socially-constructed boundaries of identity, such as class, race, language, immigration status, culture, gender, sexual preference, or educational accomplishment.

Fools Mission is inspired by the Faithful Fools Street Ministry in San Francisco (see faithfulfools.org).

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