Mission Statement

The more beautiful world that we seek has already arrived, calling us to a consciousness-raising ministry of supportive companionship and hope that transforms the way we give meaning to our lives.

Inspired by the healing power of relationship and human connection, we build solidarity, friendship, and community among people from every walk of life, including all levels of access to wealth and privilege. Increasingly aware of our judgments, we embrace a life of service and discover the deep reservoirs of resilience, courage, and creativity in the people we meet. As we reflect as a community on our stories, we awaken ourselves to our common humanity.

We walk this path together by engaging in witness, accompaniment, education, advocacy, and the arts. Acknowledging the imperfection of all human beings and institutions, we strive to balance the demands of mercy and justice in a world that is hungry for both.

As we follow the Way of the Fool, we disrupt the paralysis of privilege with a keen sense of humor, irony, paradox, and the absurd. Recognizing that the journey of the fool is always a work in progress, we seek new states of being in which the concerns of the ego wither away in favor of humility, compassion, and love.

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