Rapid Response

Our rapid response team supports a growing movement for Sanctuary in the Streets. We coordinate our efforts with Faith in Action and other Bay Area groups to recruit citizen allies to respond to the presence of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the neighborhoods by witnessing, taking video, and sending information to legal teams. Because ICE rarely follows proper procedure, oftentimes detentions can be thrown out of court in suppression hearings.

A related program, Theatre of the Oppressed, brings the community together to practice our improvisation skills and practice rapid response scenarios. Our goal is to build a movement where it is commonplace for people to witness law enforcement activities and protect each other from all forms of bullying, violence, and abuse, whatever the source. Future stages of the movement will include street theatre, prayer vigils, singing, and coordination with news media.

To find out more, contact organizer Thomas Atwood at thomas@foolsmission.org.